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What's on your horizon?

Horizon Behavioral Health is dedicated to providing every patient with exceptional outcomes, experiences, and guidance.

Convenient and quality care you can count on.

With years of clinical experience, Horizon Behavioral Health, is ready to help you achieve a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.  We offer a variety of professional services through a personalized, relationship-oriented approach:





Wellness strategy development


Telehealth Services Available

We are pleased to offer all of our patients the ability to connect with our office and facilitate appointments virtually.  No matter where you are*, we are only a few clicks away.  All sessions are completely confidential.

*Providers must be licensed in the state where patients are physically located at the time of the session.

Modern Approach

Therapy is for everyone.

We focus on you as an individual and incorporate a tailored, compassionate approach to help you live your best life.

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