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A Modern Approach to Psychology

With expertise in a variety of therapy methods and modalities, Horizon Behavioral Health, PLLC, aspires to create a safe, thoughtful environment for patients.  We can help you achieve a greater sense of self-awareness and direction through proven assessments and strategies.


We are professional.

Clinicians meet you where you are with your concerns and offer evidence-based suggestions for treatment planning with your long-term vision in mind to assist in creating a successful strategy moving forward.


We are knowledgeable.

Working with a licensed, experienced behavioral health professional, you can be confident in knowing that you will receive the highest quality of care.  If you need help we are here for you.


We are compassionate.

No judgement, no negativity.

We want you to feel comfortable talking about your unique situation and will do all that we can to ensure a safe, open environment for discussion.

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